Statement of Interest Sample

Statement of Interest Sample

As professionals, we aim to provide examples of our work and provide a reference guide.By checking your samples you can find important for you information and new ideas for your statement of interest. If you are interested in viewing and using a sample for your own writing please follow the link: Statement of Interest Sample.

As a reminder, a personal statement is usually a requirement for undergraduate university applications that necessitates a description of who you are as a person and what you have to offer the academic community. A PS generally describes how your personality, traits, skills, talents and experiences have shaped who you are today. A statement of intent focuses mainly on what you intend to do, hence the different names attributed to statement: “intent” and “purpose”. Instead of focusing on who you are, the point is to relate your personal information to your career, scientific, academic or research approach/method.

Statement of Interest Samples – Tips!

Working with a statement of interest sample letter should be simple as long as you keep the following rules in mind:

  • Never copy a statement of interest you find and replace the words to fit your personal information!
  • Analyze several samples related to the university graduate program or job position you are applying for
  • Brainstorm ideas before actually writing something
  • Create a rough draft and ask someone for a critique
  • Include only the most relevant examples
  • Try not to be too descriptive and avoid long-winding sentences
  • Always proofread the final draft!

Statement of Interest Sample Letter – Steps!

Below are the steps you can use in conjunction with a statement of interest sample to create an excellent document for submission:

  • Do your homework – browse through websites (related to the program/university/department or company you are interested in), read relevant articles, publications and reflect on challenges, problems or potential developments. Show that you appreciate someone else’s efforts!
  • Reflect, Brainstorm and Notes – analyze your intellectual development (major moments/events that stimulated you to pursue a field or job), reflect on major influences in your life, state reasons why you are choosing a particular field of study/career, state your career goals! Be honest with yourself!
  • Create an outline – using your notes, determine a central theme that will define your statement. Incorporate relevant life examples, elaborate on things that motivate you and discuss you career plans. Do not make things up!
  • Rough draft – write a draft statement that incorporates your outline. Use positive language, give detailed but concise examples, use transitions, do not repeat yourself, use vocabulary that you know and stay within the accepted limits (no more than 1 page!)
  • Final draft – read it aloud, share with friends, family and proofread it after including any suggestions, comments or corrections.

Consult sample statement of interest to compare your existing draft!

Statement of Interest – Writing and Editing Services

When examining a sample statement of interest, always remember that it is only a guideline and should not be used for your own purposes. Many students and job applicants prefer the easy route and use SoI samples as template for their own statements. Although this could potentially save time, it results in a statement that does not reflect your personality, writing style or inner voice. It may result in a rejection of your application because of the lack of originality or outright plagiarism. Find more statement of interest samples on our website!