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Statement of Interest ExampleAlternative energy is a hot topic these days and a steadily growing, profitable industry! Many universities (as well as the marketing industry) have started to use green energy as a launchpad for promoting their own interests, on the basis of environmental benefit for the community. Whereas the marketing industry uses it for commercial purposes, educational institutions has begun to incorporate it into their statement of interest examples to illustrate the importance placed on our environment. Professional authors can guide you through all the steps needed to write a statement of purpose as well as what you need to include.

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Presented below is a condensed statement of interest example written as part of an application requirement for a position at an alternative energy firm. More specifically, the position relates to a biomass heating project research project conducted by a leading private firm. Feel free to use this statement of interest example as a guide to writing your own.

Note: when browsing through the statement of interest examples below, please keep in mind that all material is entirely fictional and provided for the sole purpose of reference. Under no circumstance do we advise using the same format for an application, but to consider it as an outline as to which elements to include.

After ten years of work experience as a research technician, at one of the leading alternative energy institutes in the US, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, I want to apply for this position as Project Research Assistant to provide GreenBright Inc. with my creative insight, technical expertise and project development solutions.
After graduating with a Master’s degree from the University of San Diego, I felt that I required practical experience working in a research environment to gain first-hand knowledge of the subject that has interested me since high school: alternative, green energy. I enjoyed and loved every single day of my work, working overtime to complete a project I felt was more of a hobby. I am passionate about the opportunity to participate in the latest development projects and provide insight on how to improve them, reduce costs and streamline production. I soon realized that, although I enjoy handling the complex equipment and processing the results, my desire to handle and process data has not been fulfilled. I want to be part of a team that works directly on project development and to be able to influence the design, production and testing aspects. My former senior colleagues have always encouraged my ambition and I have ben able to work actively as a team member.
I have reviewed the biomass heating project excerpts published in InSighter Magazine and believe that I can provide GreenBright Inc. with valuable theoretical and practical knowledge that can be used to improve the device. I will be able to contribute my years of experience to collect needed data, produce statistical analyses and work under the direction of my supervisor to assist them in any means necessary. As a prospective asset to your company, I can help boost development and help you grow on the market.

Statement of Research Interest Examples

The statement of interest example above is a short excerpt of a statement that has been created based on a previously submitted, successful document. Although the personal information is fictional the elements included are useful to gauge the quality of your own.

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