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Letter of Introduction Samples

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Our Letter of Introduction Sample

As a hardworking and dedicated psychiatrist, I desire to continue gaining knowledge and experience in the field of forensic psychiatry. Having recently completed my education in the field, I desire to enter into a one-year Forensic Psychiatry internship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Having studied many different areas of both criminal justice and medicine, I am confident that my ability to reason, solve puzzles, and make determinations about cause and effect will allow me to be an asset in this field.
Furthermore, considering that I have also obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and worked as a police officer and then detective for 10 years before returning to medical school, I have the knowledge and experience necessary to work on complicated cases and help determine motive, sanity, and other aspects of forensic medicine. I have seen dark and grim crime scenes and have worked with people that have been deemed insane. I know that I have the competence and experience to handle these types of situations well.My desire in entering this internship program is to gain working experience under the supervision and guidance of the very best forensic psychiatrists in the industry, which can be best attained within the FBI. Furthermore, I am confident that within this program I will see and learn more than I might while working with local or even state law enforcement.

As a member of the Forensic Psychiatry internship program within the FBI, I will bring my working knowledge of law enforcement, evidence-based practice techniques within psychiatry, resilience, determination, exemplary communication and interview skills, and desire to learn, grow, and fully participate to the program. I understand the rigors of this profession, and am confident that I can thrive within this fast paced and sometimes gruesome environment.

Upon completion of this program, I look forward to gaining employment as a Forensic Psychiatrist with a law enforcement agency. In this role, I will provide the best level of skill and knowledge through my combined education and experiences to best serve my fellow man.

Sample of Letter of Introduction

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