Statement of Teaching Interest

statement of teaching interestThe Statement of Interest Writing Service is waiting to write every statement of teaching interest under the sun, regardless of topic. Say one was trying to do something on the History of Herodotus. Countless classical essays were written on the topic. That means that it won’t go away any time soon.

Classical Teaching Statement of Interest Letter

Herodotus was an interesting individual, and the history of Ancient Egypt is fascinating to the popular imagination. However, there are some people who take archaeology and classical philosophy very seriously. Those people might eventually find themselves writing a statement of interest letter, and asking the Statement of Interest Writing Service for help.

Romanticism makes these topics so beloved. Students of history can imagine Herodotus following around the great princes of the Persian Empire with his stylus in hand and making notes of each thing he saw. He was ready to praise Egyptian and Persian customs just as ready as he was to please Greek ones. This makes his work such a useful example of the sort of thing one might want to mention in a statement of teaching interest.

Practical Statement of Teaching Interest

A mere interest in a topic isn’t good enough for a statement of teaching interest, however. One needs to show that they’re ready to teach a class about these classic works of historical literature. Society has devolved to a point where people seldom get an opportunity to read the great books. Instead, people read what other people have written about them. While they might read lectures and concordances, they’ll seldom read the real source material in the first place.

Statement of Interest Writing Education

statement of teaching interest

That’s an excellent thing to bring up in a statement of teaching interest, and professional writers from the service would never leave it out. Anyone who is ready to share great literature with his or her future students should mention this in a personal statement of interest. After all, hiring a professional writer could start someone on the fast track to a teaching revolution. Musty books have never seemed quite so young.

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