Statement of Interest for a Job

statement of interest for a jobAs part of the application process for certain positions you may need to write a statement of interest, which will be similar to a cover letter but will complement to your CV. Think of the statement as a condensed and reformatted cover letter without a business letter format. The point of a SoI is to outline the background, skills and experience relevant to the position you are applying for so an employer can judge whether you are a good fit. Find all information about resume statement of interest here.

When writing a statement of interest for job keep in mind the following tips:

  • Clearly answer the question or analyze the issues provided
  • Highlight the skills, strengths and talent you can bring to the organization
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the organization
  • Keep it concise – employers may read through hundreds of letters!

A cover letter, statement of interest are not the same documents and have entirely different purposes. A cover letter is addressed in letter form to an employer and is a brief summary of your background, with relevant details from your CV or resume. A statement of interest is usually an expression of why you are interested in a particular position, organization and what you have to offer in a paragraph format. An SoI is addressed in general terms and is similar to an extended personal mission statement, rather than an elaboration of your resume.

Brainstorming through a Statement of Interest for Job

Maybe you are wondering as to how to even begin writing a statement of interest for a job? Here are some brainstorming questions that can help you get started:

  • Why are you interested in this position?
  • What is it about the organization’s mission statement that draws me in?
  • What do I admire about this organization?
  • What skills, experience and expertise is the employer seeking? What would I be tasked with and how would I succeed?
  • What examples can I provide that would be relevant?

The inverted pyramid format list can work for some individuals, but many writers recommend outlining any relevant information using a categorical method, under labels such as Skills, Experience, Education etc.

When creating your resume, a statement of interest should not borrow details too heavily nor should it be a condensed version of it. Your statement should be something that describes your interests, not your personality or work experience. A personal statement describes your personality and shows your charisma. A resume or a Curriculum Vitae is an expanded version of a resume that usually includes your academic research interests. Do not confuse these documents!

An Effective Statement of Interest for a Job

statement of interest for a job

Writing a statement of interest for a job is an important task mainly because, just as for university applications, it can be a deciding factor between acceptance or rejection. Naturally, if an employer lists it as a requirement, then they definitely assign it some weight when deciding application. If they were not interested in it, they would not require it, right? So, it is crucial that you brainstorm beforehand and aim to include only the most relevant examples.

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Important events, experiences or achievement should definitely be included in SoI for a job, but do not go overboard in your descriptions. Be concise – always! Likewise, any statement of interest for a job should set a priority in the following sequence: job-organization-individual-organization-individual. Remember that a SoI has to be sincere and reflect your desire to offer the employer something they really want, then talk about your needs!

As an example, journalism also incorporates a resume – statement of interest requirement when applying for a position. This profession demands the ability to write effectively, concisely and professionally and thus require many examples of your writing.

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