Letter of Introduction Example

Letter of Introduction Example

Writing a letter of introduction is not something that comes easily to everyone, but if you want to write this yourself then you want to have all of your thoughts organized! One of the most important things about a letter of introduction is including everything that you need to say, and if you omit anything then you could be in trouble. Our professionals have been writing letters of introduction for a long time, and when you come to us for assistance with your letter they will give you their undivided attention en route to a magnificent letter. You deserve professional quality, and when you come to a writing service for help with a letter of introduction you deserve the letter that you paid for.

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Here Is an Example of Letter of Introduction

Dear Ms. Gordon,

My name is Billy Aster and I am currently an eighth grader hoping to be your student next year in the Honors Geometry class at John Hansen High School. I am writing this letter because I am two years younger than the rest of my classmates, and I hope that you will extend your permission for my enrollment in the class. I have previously achieved very high marks in my accelerated mathematics courses, and I believe I can continue to perform to high standards in your class. My goal is to eventually study mathematics in my future career, and being able to take Honors Geometry will place me in an excellent position to take more advanced courses in the future and potentially finish my college degree early.

My previous math coursework includes Honors Algebra, Pre-calculus, AP Calculus, and Invariable Mathematics. I hope that this demonstrates my ability and love for the subject. Additionally, I am enrolled in many high-school level courses already and know many of my classmates. Being able to take this class will allow me to take more college-level courses over the next few years in high school, and allow me to graduate college early or take deeper courses.

As a student, I am very motivated, hard working, and I am very patient in my work. My mind is extensively logical and I am fond of puzzles. As a very organized individual, I always complete my assignments ahead of time and am prepared for all my exams. Last year, I placed third in the county mathematics finals in Linear and Computational Algebra. I am an active member of the math team, which has helped me hone many of my mathematical skills.

I look forward to speaking and meeting with you! Thank you for your time and consideration.

Billy Aster

Help with Letter of Introduction Example

The above example is much shorter than a letter of introduction would regularly be; we want to show you the important aspects of the letter that need to be covered, and this is just one way to approach the letter of introduction. Formally introducing who you are is one of the first steps, and as you can see in the example it is usually best to proceed directly to what you want to talk about. When a letter of introduction does not get to the point its overall purpose can be confusing, and that is why this needs to be solidified. Our professionals understand all of this, and if you would like assistance with a letter of introduction then we are the service for you.