How to Write a Cover Letter Statement of Interest

Simple Tips for Winning Cover Letter Statement of Interest

Cover Letter Statement of InterestWhether you are looking for a job or applying to a graduate program, one of the most important written requirements is a statement of interest. Your cover letter statement of interest should be well written as this will allow you to catapult your application into immediate success. Bear in mind that the competition may be tough so if you want to stay ahead of the pack, you should take the time to write a winning statement of interest. For most hiring managers, your statement of interest can also be used as a deciding tool.

What to Include in an Effective Statement of Interest Cover Letter

There is no specific formula on what to include in your statement of interest letter; everything will be based on what you think is essential. The main components of an efficient cover letter statement of interest are that this must have information on various skills, experience and education background which will attract your audience. You can also use your statement of interest as an opportunity to show that you are an asset to the company. It is also helpful to include contacts and references in your letter.

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