Statement of Interest

The statement of interest-what is it?

A written statement of an interest is a crucial standard component of many graduate school applications and is required for graduate school admission. It may be called a “statement of purpose”, “statement of intent”, “description of research interests” or something similar in nature. Regardless of the way it is called, it provides you with the opportunity to describe to the graduate program admission committee firsthand:

  • Your specific academic interest (research topic, field, etc). How did you become interested in this field?
  • How your past education, experiences, achievements have prepared you for the graduate program
  • Why a program at a university of your choice is the best place for you
  • What are your career goals? What are your future goals?

A statement of your interest is generally a short essay based on instructions provided by the graduate program you are applying to. It should usually not exceed 2 single-spaced pages in length. However, depending on the university there can be general expectations ranging from 250-1000 words in length. For example, your statement of interest for job has to be the best possible description of not who you are, but what you intend to do and how you are going to do it.

Oftentimes in the statement of interest students go over the past experiences too much. That’s where the main problem happens, students describe past instead of focusing on their future goals.

If you face difficulties with writing your paper the chances are very hight you just picked the wrong course. You need to write your statement of intent committee needs to be sure they have the right person on the right place.

As a student you need to stay away from delivering the facts about you that are already known or those that could be found in your CV or any other personal paper. Avoid using cliches and writing vague statements like “Your institution is knows to be among the top universities…” Common phrases and information that is not enough specific is a number one statement of intent ruiner.

Difference between a Personal Statement and Statement of Your Interest

statement of interestA personal statement is usually a requirement for undergraduate university applications that necessitates a description of who you are as a person and what you have to offer the academic community. A PS generally describes how your personality, traits, skills, talents and experiences have shaped who you are today. A statement of intent focuses mainly on what you intend to do, hence the different names attributed to statement: “intent” and “purpose”. Instead of focusing on who you are, the point is to relate your personal information to your career, scientific, academic or research approach/method.

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sample statement of interestMany students tend to underestimate or undervalue the importance and weight assigned to a statement of your interest, but it is an important tool for admissions committees in assessing knowledge, experience, motivation and intellectual maturity.

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